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Tesla - Electrical Safety Analyzer

Tesla was built to be the perfect analyzer for electrical safety with all the necessary tests to ensure the proper functioning of medical devices.

Focused on increasing productivity and minimizing errors, Tesla provides complete automation for IEC 60601 and IEC62353 compliance.

Tesla Analyzer and Backpack


  • Multi-language;
  • LCD 7 inch Screen Touch Screen;
  • Robust, resistant, versatile on the field;
  • Bluetooth connection with app;
  • Automated Testing via Software;
  • 10 easy-to-use insulated applied parts connection;
  • Test pre-sets – pre-defined tests for use in class I and class II equipment;
  • Custom Tests Checklist;
  • Flexibility in entering new parameters;
  • Long lasting, rechargeable battery

IEC 60601 and IEC 62353 Standards

Intuitive use

Arkmeds Lite

When purchasing an analyzer or simulator, you receive, at no additional cost, access to Arkmeds Lite.

A software designed for you to perform calibrations and reports quickly and easily. With Arkmeds Lite you perform tests, collect the signature and make the document available to your customer in a blink of an eye!
You’ll have access to maximum traceability, GPS coordinates and times spent in the tests, even without internet. App available for Android & IOS systems

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