Arkmeds Group


We are bringing the metaverse of things into the health industry

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We're building the Clinical Engineering Future

Arkmeds Group is a healthcare technology startup company with a state

of the art full service solution for managing data, performing maintenance

and calibration of medical equipment.

Working in the Metaverse

Connect all your team, track goals, reduce maintenance time and collaborate in real time

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Social Connection and Knowledge Repository

All your team maintenance knowledge in a single place, easy to access and to improve.

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3D Equipment Library

All your equipment can be represented in the Metaverse with a extensive library of models.

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Mark is an artificial intelligence that helps to teach and answer questions about these assets, within the virtual reality world and the real world, through augmented reality.

In the event of a
problem, Mark help with faster, more direct communication, with a lower risk of failure.

Finally, the system helps managers make better decisions through better visualization of operational bottlenecks and improvement points.

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